Wants a kitchen full of jars, jams, and homemade cheese.

A Kimchi Lover’s Feast

A hands-on cooking and fermentation class culminating in a meal served with wine and beer. Students will leave class with a jar of handmade kimchi to continue fermenting at home.

Spring Goat Cheese: Cheesemaking, Wine, and Hors d'Oeurves

A tasting seminar with hands-on cheesemaking experience.
Spring is when we look forward to strawberries, blooming flowers, and warmer days. Because the grass and herbs on the Sonoma and Marin hills are emerald green and delicious (ask the goats), it is also one of the best times of the year to celebrate all things goat and make goat cheese. In this class, we'll have a goat's milk tasting, learn how to make two goat's milk cheeses, and master a few party-friendly apps with the theme's milk. Then, we'll pair our creations to wines that love them. 

Panoramic Sugar Egg Workshop (Adults Only Session)

Each ticket is good for one egg. Feel free to brown bag your dinner and BYOB wine and beer.


Panoramic Sugar Egg Workshop (After School Session)

Each ticket is good for one egg (one parent and child; or one adult). Feel free to brown bag your dinner! 


Community Can Jam: Marmalade

A hands-on class culminating in a shared light meal of with wine and beer while we wait for the canners to finish sealing our freshly made preserves! Students will take home hot jars home, so be prepared.

Valentine's Day Cheese: Daring Duos & Surprising BFFs

A tasting seminar with a variety of mystery parings with cheeses. Please contact us if you have any allergies and we'll do our best to accommodate.


Fermentation in the Kitchen: Preserved Lemons

A hands-on cooking class culminating in a family-style dinner with wine and beer. Students will leave with their own container of preserved lemons to take home and ferment.


Burrata by Hand

A hands-on cheesemaking course; each participant leaves with his/her freshly made cheese. Includes a cheese tasting of burrata alongside an array of snacks.

The most exciting cheese on the cheese board needs little explanation: burrata is fresh mozzarella filled with luscious cream and more cheese. You get to make your own in one short night. And eat it too!


Cheesemaking 101

Making cheese at home is much easier than you think! From how to culture milk to making your own fluffy paneer, this class will teach you the delicious basics of cheesemaking. You'll learn how to make India's top cheese, how to ferment milk into fromage blanc (and when to add herbs to make the perfect party cheese), and how to make your very own rich, sweet butter by hand.


Intro to Fermentation

A lecture and hands-on class experience. Guests will have a snack of a variety of seasonal ferments and take home two fermentation projects.



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