Wants a kitchen full of jars, jams, and homemade cheese.

Miso Making


Students will enjoy a light meal, and take home a jar of miso to ferment at home.

We are excited to welcome Jun and Akiko of Miso Happy Family, who are visiting from Kyoto and will lead a workshop on making miso and cooking with miso.

Flavors of Fermentation: Sweet, Sour, Bitter


Flavor sits at the intersection of health and pleasure.  Integrating traditional culinary and medical wisdom with the scientific insights of contemporary nutrition, this class is a gastronomic and intellectual journey through the major flavors that define the effects of foods, herbs, and spices on the body, mind, and palate.  This all-new series from holistic doctor and chef Nishanga Bliss includes cooking and fermentation demos, hands-on projects, and a unique series of flavor labs to inspire you in the kitchen and invigorate your health. 

Students will make and take home:


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