Wants a kitchen full of jars, jams, and homemade cheese.

Buttermilk to Ghee


Start with fresh cream; ripen it into creme fraiche. Turn your creme fraiche into cultured butter and real buttermilk. Finally, turn your culutured butter into the purest, most luxurious food on Earth: ghee!

Smoking Primer


A 4-hour cooking class culminating in dinner served with wine and beer.

Arguably the oldest food preservation technique, smoking is the most historically significant aspect of charcuterie.  Join us for an in-depth class exploring the many unexpected and delicious applications of this ancient tradition.


     St Louis-style Pork Ribs
     Little Carrots
     Country Bacon with Pickled Vegetables
     Grilled Peaches with Bourbon and Smoked Pecan Ice Cream


Can Jam: Cherries


The season of jam is upon us! Cherries have officially arrived, and it’s time to dust off that big canning pot and put up a batch of late spring goodness to last through the winter. Making jam is a hot and messy affair best managed with a little help from our friends. Our Community Can Jam is a new experiment - it’s not a class, exactly, though jam-master Shakirah Simley will be on hand to guide us through her recipe. Rather, it’s an old-fashioned community gathering that will include equal parts socializing, learning, and standing over a hot pot of jam.

Burrata by Hand


A hands-on cheesemaking course; each participant leaves with his/her freshly made cheese. Includes a cheese tasting of top burrata alongside an array of snacks.

The most exciting cheese on the cheese board needs little explanation: burrata is fresh mozzarella filled with luscious cream and more cheese. You get to make your own in one short night. And eat it too!

Cheesemaking: Queso Fresco y Crema


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year by making your very own wheel of Queso Fresco. Local cheesemaking instructor Louella Hill (SF Milk Maid) will guild you from fresh milk to finished wheel--and all in two short hours. Learn which milk to use, where to find the rennet, when to add the chiles (if you want un queso picante) and how best to serve. As a bonus, you'll also learn how to make crema, that magical creamy sauce you've likely had on top of a taco. Both recipes are perfect starting points for home cheesemaking and can be easily replicated in your home kitchen. 


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