Cooking Matters At The Store

Cooking Matters at the Store is an interactive, guided grocery store tour that teaches teens and adults to make real changes to their food purchasing habits. 18 Reasons instructors and participants navigate the grocery store or farmer’s market together, pausing to practice reading nutrition labels, comparing unit prices, identifying whole grain products, and much more. As the tour concludes, participants put their new skills into practice and take home a booklet with recipes and shopping tips, $10 worth of groceries, and a reusable grocery bag!

Cooking Matters At The Store

1. Teaches participants how to find whole grains, buy fruits and vegetables on a budget, compare unit prices, and read food labels 
2. Empowers shoppers with skills-based education to buy healthy (and delicious) food on a tight budget 
3. Equips families with the skills to maximize the benefits they receive through public nutrition programs like SNAP and WIC

A Cooking Matters at the Store tour is built into every 6-week long Cooking Matters series for adults and families, but we can also offer one-time, stand-alone tours. In addition to grocery stores, we offer Cooking Matters at the Farmer’s Market tours. Farmer’s Market tours highlight eating seasonally and locally, reducing food waste, and introducing participants to programs such as Market Match that help families stretch SNAP dollars further.

Event Days

An event day is a way to offer Cooking Matters at the Store tours to a large number of individuals (80 -100) on one day. These events can be held at a grocery store or at a community event as a pop-up. 18 Reasons will set up stations throughout the store and participants will pause at each station as they shop - learning more about identifying nutritious choices and saving money along the way. Upon completion, participants receive a $10 gift card and a reusable grocery bag. 

If you’re interested in working with us to bring a Cooking Matters at the Store tour or event day or a Cooking Matters at the Farmer’s Market tour to your community or market, please fill in our interest form here