Let's Cook Together

Folks participating in an 18 Reasons cooking class
18 Reasons is a nonprofit cooking school on a mission to empower our community with the confidence and creativity needed to buy, cook, and eat good food every day.
Cooking in the 18th Street Kitchen
18th Street Kitchen

Our 18th Street Kitchen plays nightly host to hands-on cooking classes, cheesemaking and fermentation workshops, dinners with farmers and brewers, wine seminars... anything to help our community become more excited about cooking and eating great food.

Children cooking in the Cooking Matters program
Community Programs

Through our free Cooking Matters program, we teach thousands of low-income adults, kids, and families each year how to cook, shop, and eat well on a tight budget.

Make a difference in our community:

2020 Impact
18th Street Kitchen students
18th Street Kitchen classes
18 Reasons volunteer hours
Cooking Matters participants
Pounds of groceries distributed
CM Host partner agencies
I've been a person who says they don't like to cook, but you changed that for me for life. Healthy cooking can be fun, and I like feeling like I'm giving my kids the best by cooking healthy at home. Thank you, 18 Reasons.
Linda, Cooking Matters program graduate