Edible SF | November 2023
Home Cooking As Healthcare
18 Reasons is paving the way for the integration of food and healthcare with innovative programming. 

KQED Forum | October 2023
All You Can Eat: What's in Your Pantry? Ingredients You Need to Cook the Food You Love
Chefs Linda and Viola discuss their pantry staples; (24:30) Linda explains how her 5 Ingredients class introduces students to Southeast Asian pantry staples. 

Edible SF | August 2023
Exploring Italy by Ingredient with Viola Buitoni 
18 Reasons' beloved Italian instructor Viola Buitoni launches her debut cookbook and discusses the inspiration for her work. 

Inside Philanthropy | July 2023
As Numbers Trend in the Wrong Direction, This Foundation's Focusing on Maternal Health
A grantee of the Elevance Health Foundation, 18 Reasons' Nourishing Pregnancy program tackles food insecurity for pregnant and new mothers. 

Edible SF | May 2023
Learning to Live a Little (And not Always Following the Recipe)
Chef Mike Weller's classes teach students to be versatile, creative, and willing to deviate from the recipe.  

Progressive Grocer | February 2023
Progressive Grocer Honors 25 Outstanding Independents
Bi-Rite is named a top Independent Grocer for their partnership with Nourishing Pregnancy. 

Edible SF | February 2023
Authentically Funky Home Cooking with Malaysian Chef Linda Esposito
Chef Linda shares her passion for "making dishes approachable without sacrificing any of the flavors".  

Edible SF | February 2023
Feeding A Village
Nourishing Pregnancy creates lasting change for birthers through grocery delivery, cooking classes, and peer support.   

Forbes | February 2023
Nonprofit Community Cooking School Celebrates 15 Years in the San Francisco Bay Area 
Forbes Magazine recognizes 18 Reasons as a leader in the San Francisco cooking space.   

Washington Post | January 2023
Food as medicine? It's not as simple as it sounds. 
Executive Director Sarah Nelson explains how cooking classes can increase the efficacy of Food As Medicine programs. 

Thrillest | December 2022
Where To Go on a Date in San Francisco This Winter
Hands-on cooking classes at 18 Reasons are a top Date Night activity in San Francisco!  

Devour | November 2022
Our 6 Top Picks for Delicious Cooking Classes in San Francisco
18 Reasons is named a top San Francisco cooking school for learning skills while positively impacting the community. 

Edible East Bay | September 2022
Cooking Classes for Health and Budget, With a Side of Joy 

Executive Director Sarah Nelson and Peer Health Educator Violeta Sandoval discuss Cooking Matters programming. 

San Francisco Bay Times | March 2022
18 Reasons for Better Cooking at Home

An interview with Executive Director Sarah Nelson about 18 Reasons' involvement in the community and approach to teaching home cooking.

SF Chronicle | November 2021
Inside a tech-driven S.F. tasting menu event, inspired by food 10 years from now

A review of our 'future food' dinners inspired by Bay Area journalist Larissa Zimberoff's new book, 'Technically Food: Inside Silicon Valley’s Mission to Change What We Eat.' 

TimeOut | October 2021
The 7 best cooking classes in San Francisco

TimeOut considers 18 Reasons one of the best in SF for cooking classes and is an 'empowering place for you and your locale'!

The Mercury News | October 2021
5 deliciously unique online cooking classes to explore

A writer enjoys learning how to make khinkali dumplings with Chef Gracie and online class facilitator Emelia! | September 2021
Best Online Cooking Classes for Couples tosses the bouquet to 18 Reasons for our cooking classes being the "Best for Plant-Based Diets" and applauds our diversity of offerings. 

Richmond Pulse | July 2021
Cooking Matters Spices Up a New Generation of Chefs
An intrepid youth reporter/broke college student writes of their experience taking a virtual Cooking Matters class with us.

Good Housekeeping | May 2021
The Best Online Cooking Classes to Help You Brush up on Your Kitchen Skills
Good Housekeeping has crowned 18 Reasons as one of the 10 best online cooking schools! | May 2021
Best Online Cooking Classes for Groups
The team-building experts agree that our Private Parties are among the best online cooking classes for groups out there!

The Spruce Eats | April 2021
The Best San Francisco Cooking Classes
18 Reasons is voted 'Best Overall' for our breadth and accessibility of classes, and community-driven mission!

Nob Hill Gazette | April 2021
Cooking School is in Session

A writer is empowered by learning how to make souffles with us in a virtual class. 

SF Chronicle | December 2020
Virtual Cooking with Friends and Family with 18 Reasons
Learn how virtual cooking classes helped beloved 18th Street Kitchen teacher Annelies and her students get through 2020.

Esalen Institute | November 2020
Food Equity: Cooking with a Purpose
Sarah Nelson guides you through how to make a Cooking Matters favorite, Ginger Cilantro Salmon Cakes, while teaching us how increasing access to healthy home cooking is a cornerstone of food equity.

KQED | October 2020
Could Chef Linda's Handmade Noodles be the Next Quarantine Trend?
The author cooks along with one of our wonderful Chef Linda's handmade noodle classes to suss out their potential to become the next pandemic food trend.

Berkeleyside | September 2020
Donating 38,000 Meals That Would Have Fed Paying Tech Clients
Berkeleyside covers our partnership with Fare Community Kitchen to donate meals to Bay Area residents in need. | August 2020
The Best Online Cooking Classes distills our philosophy down to its basics: "the majority of the world’s problems could be solved if people cooked and shared meals together". Indeed!

SF Chronicle | August 2020
Canned Peaches with a Side of Revolution
Our canning teacher Shakirah Simley shares her thoughts on politics, food traditions, and peach preserves. | July 2020
The Best Online Classes to Make You a Kitchen Wiz
You can help your community and help yourself by taking 18th St. Online classes or becoming an 18 Reasons Member.

The Bold Italic | July 2020
Choose the Best Bay Area Takeout Based on Your Zodiac Sign
The Bold Italic thinks our "sensual and empowering" cooking classes are perfect for Scorpios. So, what's your sign?

SF Weekly | June 2020
Virtual Culinary Classes For Quarantine Cooks
SF Weekly dubs us "a community hub for food enthusiasts". Check out virtual cooking schools in this article.

Food & Wine | May 2020
These Online Culinary Schools Are Here to Make You a Better Quarantine Cook
We are honored to be named one of Food & Wine's best online culinary schools.

CBS | May 2020
Liam's List: Your Guide To Fitness, Food, Fun, Staying Connected While Social Distancing
Thank you to CBS's Liam Mayclem for featuring 18 Reasons this Mother's Day. With video!

The Mercury News | April 2020
Bay Area Online Cooking Classes You Can Take During Quarantine
Thank you to the Bay Area News group for naming us among the best Bay Area cooking schools.

Thrillist | April 2020
Now is the Perfect Time to Take an Online Cooking Class
Thrillist interviews ED Sarah Nelson about how we took our 18th St. classes online & names us among the best online cooking schools in the country.

The Mercury News | April 2020
The Best Family-friendly Online Activities in the Bay Area
We are proud to be listed among the best virtual activities for Bay Area families.

Civil Eats | February 2020
Nonprofits in OR & CA Bring Affordable Cooking Classes to Everyone
Cooking class programs for low-income families, including our Cooking Matters program, are the new Home Ec.

Unwasted: The Podcast by Imperfect Foods | February 2020
Why Cooking Matters with Sarah Nelson
Our ED shares practical tips on how to bust through barriers to cooking at home and reveals a surprising secret weapon in the kitchen.

Time Out Magazine | November 2019
The Best Cooking Classes in San Francisco for Foodies
Our quirky, multicultural class lineup earns us a spot among the best cooking schools in SF!

What Gets You Cooking? Podcast | September 2019
Putting the Community in Community Cooking School
Our own Allison Eckert talks about what makes our community programs special and reveals why woks have a special place in her heart.

The Guardian US | July 2019
Shopping at SF Farmers' Markets on Food Stamps
Cooking Matters Program Manager Briana Tejuco took Leslie Casimir on a farmers' market tour to chat about food security.

Edible SF | February 2019
Kitchen Wisdom: Why Cooking Matters
Read Edible SF's cover story about our Cooking Matters Peer Health Educator program.

NPR's KALW Crosscurrents | February 2019
Great Grandmother Elsa Guerra Lives Healthy to Take Care of Others
Hear Peer Health Educator Elsa Guerra's journey toward health in her own words. With audio!

SF Chronicle | February 2019
Can New Oakland Bar Finally Make Cider Happen?
Our first employee, Olivia Maki, met her husband at an 18 Reasons event. In 2019, they make their cider bar dreams come true! | December 2018
18 Reasons and the Warriors Team up for Shop & Learn Grocery Store Tours
Click above to see the photo gallery of our Shop & Learn event, presented in partnership with the Warriors.

East Bay Times | December 2018
18 Reasons and the Golden State Warriors grocery shop with 5 Bay Area families
Players for the Golden State Warriors joined us to teach 5 lucky families how to shop healthy on a budget.

J Weekly | October 2018
Big Name Chefs Share Their Big Batch Recipes
Author Leslie Jonath shares the inspiration behind her cookbook, Feed Your People, produced in collaboration with 18 Reasons.

Civil Eats | September 2018
Four Chefs Share the Importance of Feeding Your People
18 Reasons founder Sam Mogannam joins Tanya Holland, Preeti Mistry & Andre Nguyen to discuss community nourishment.

Creative Mornings keynote | September 2018
Food, Community, and a Little Bit of Anarchy
ED Sarah Nelson opens up about how creativity, food, and being willing to inconvenience yourself support community.

SF Chronicle | August 2018
How to Cook for a Crowd & Bring People Together through Food
Author Leslie Jonath shares the story of Feed Your People, her cookbook inspired by 18 Reasons' monthly community dinners.

East Bay Times | August 2018
Emily Luchetti's Shares Her Lemon Blueberry Trifle Recipe
SF's star pastry chef Emily Luchetti shares her favorite seasonal dessert recipe for our cookbook, Feed Your People.

McCovey Chronicles | June 2018
Hunter Pence Hosted a Cooking Class for Kids
In partnership with SF Giants star Hunter Pence & No Kid Hungry, we teach local kids how to cook healthy.

Williams Sonoma | March 2018
The Why behind 18 Reasons Making Healthy Cooking More Approachable
Williams Sonoma stops by our 18th St. culinary classroom to find out what fuels our mission to empower home cooks.

Williams Sonoma | March 2018
Open Kitchen, Open Conversations with 18 Reasons
Williams Sonoma joins 18 Reasons staff and volunteers to talk about the power of giving back through food. With video!

Williams Sonoma | March 2018
6 Healthy, Budget-Friendly Recipes with 18 Reasons
Williams Sonoma and 18 Reasons showcase 6 healthy, affordable, delicious recipes that put fruits and veggies center stage.

CBS | January 2018
Best Cooking Classes in San Francisco
CBS names us the best cooking school in San Francisco! | September 2017
Warriors Unveil Chef Academy Program
The Warriors launch the Warriors Chef Academy program in partnership with 18 Reasons.

Mission Local | November 2016
Why are We Called 18 Reasons?
Read about the story behind our name & learn some local history while you're at it.

Talks at Google | September 2016
Why Food and Cooking Matter
18 Reasons co-founders, Sarah Nelson and Sam Mogannam (of Bi-Rite Market), share their vision of how cooking can help us all engage more deeply with food and each other. | May 2016
The Warriors Visit a Cooking Matters Graduation Class
Check out this video of Warriors players and local 5th graders whipping up healthy, whole wheat mac n' cheese with veggies.

SF Gate | October 2015
Crowd-funded Cookbook Campaign Aims to Feed Your People
18 Reasons & Leslie Jonath launch a crowdfunding campaign in support of our big-batch recipe cookbook.

Eat Drink Films | April 2015
Cooking and Cinema Matter to the Creators of the Food Farm Film Fest
An interview with Executive Director Sarah Nelson about our annual SF Food Farm Film Fest.

Oakland North | December 2014
Community Cooking Classes Teach Nutrition, Shopping on a Budget
Oakland North reporters drop in on our Cooking Matters class in Alameda. With Video!

Edible SF | October 2014
Online Grocers and EBT Benefits
Executive Director Sarah Nelson calls online grocers' accepting EBT benefits a breakthrough for low-income shoppers.

SF Chronicle | July 2014
Where Does 18 Reasons' Michelle McKenzie Eat?
The Chronicle's Jonathan Kauffman uncovers 18th St. Classroom teacher Michelle's eclectic dining habits.

East Bay Times | April 2014
Cooking Matters Teaches How to Eat Healthy Food on a Budget
A Contra Costa Times reporter visits one of our teen classes and finds it delicious.

SF Gate | October 2013
There Are at Least 18 Reasons to Love Mission Food
There are at least 18 Reasons to love Mission District food, and we're number 1!

KQED | September 2013
Q&A with Shakirah Simley
KQED interviews local food justice advocate and 18 Reasons canning teacher, Shakirah Simley. With Video!

San Francisco Business Times | May 2013
Two San Francisco Food Educators Hatch New Nonprofit
Read about our exciting 2013 merger with local-nonprofit Three Squares.

Huffington Post | March 2013
18 Reasons to Offer Farm School Classes
Urban agriculture for everyone, from the Huffington Post!

New Yorker | March 2012
San Francisco's Bi-Rite
Move over Ferry Plaza, our home block of 18th & Dolores is SF's new culinary epicenter.

The Atlantic | February 2012
A Report on Low-income Families' Efforts to Cook Healthy
Food movement luminary Marion Nestle shares what she learned from our Cooking Matters series survey results.

KQED | September 2011
18 Reasons Gets a New Home
Check out our new digs on 18th and Dolores St. in SF's historic Mission District.

New York Times | March 2011
Throwing Together a Meal, One Swap at a Time
Read about how baby food swaps at 18 Reasons help young families save time, build community, and eat healthy.

Mission Local | October 2010
Making Whole Wheat Tasty for Low-Income Families
The community reporters behind Mission Local pay a visit to a Cooking Matters class.