Wants a kitchen full of jars, jams, and homemade cheese.

DIY Holidays: Gingerbread House Workshop

Each ticket is good for one adult and up to 2 children. One ticket is for one gingerbread house.


The Cheese Course

In this educational tasting and pairing course, author and instructor Kirstin Jackson will guide us through the essentials of composing the perfect cheese course. We will explore 8-10 cheese selections and wine pairings; Kirstin will focus her efforts on the world’s best-known cheese-producing regions, including those in the US. We will also learn her recipes for two classic, cheese board accoutrements.



Canning Intensive: Preserving Autumn

Class participants will receive 4 hours of hands-on canning instruction, recipes, full jars of in-class batches, and a boost of serious canning confidence. Snacks will be served.


Intro to Fermentation

The art of fermentation preserves and enhances foods and flavors of the season. Learn to create ferments that deliciously support health, gently cleansing and nourishing you and supporting your body. 

In introductory class, you will become familiar with the basic techniques that will help you transform produce into nutritious, probiotic foods, with a focus on seasonality and letting nothing go to waste. We will make use of local produce to preserve lemons, create sauerkraut, and make fermented salsa and pesto.




A hands-on cheesemaking course; each participant leaves with his/her freshly made cheese. Includes a cheese tasting of cheese alongside an array of snacks.

Embrace the wonderful world of "pasta filata" cheeses by learning to stretch your own fresh mozzarella with teacher Kirstin Jackson! We'll practice forming knots and braids and even learn a few recipes for using the fresh batch (although eating it straight-up is certainly recommended).


Cheesemaking 101

Learn the basics of cheesemaking and cultured dairy in this hands-on class with author and cheesemaking teacher Kirstin Jackson. You'll learn how to make fluffy ricotta, fresh fromage blanc, and cultured butter from scratch. You'll leave with an understanding of the basic science of cheesemaking, fermentation knowledge, resources for equipment, and your own cheese and butter to take home!

Hearty snacks and wine will be served.



Homemade Herbal Medicine

Are you looking to strengthen your immune system before the onslaught of sniffles and coughs that come in as the fall cools off? Medicinal plants grow throughout the Bay Area, and we can use them to stay healthy and resilient during the colder months. In this hands-on class we'll discuss the basics of the immunity and how a wide variety of herbs and medicinal mushrooms can fend off viral or bacterial infections and help treat sore throats, coughs and fevers.


Community Can Jam: Tomatoes

The season of preserving is upon us! With ripe tomatoes bursting off the grocery shelves, it’s time to dust off that big canning pot and put up a batch of summery goodness to last through the winter. Preserving tomatoes is a hot and messy affair best managed with a little help from our friends. Our Community Can Jam is a new experiment - it’s not a class, exactly, though jam-master Shakirah Simley will be on hand to guide us through her recipe. Rather, it’s an old-fashioned community gathering that will include equal parts socializing, learning, and standing over a hot pot.


Natural Dye Workshop with Sasha Duerr

Experience the electric colors you can conjure from the urban color palette of San Francisco. By experimenting with seasonal weeds, produce waste and other unsuspecting sources of awe inspiring natural dyes, artist and author Sasha Duerr will lead your exploration of local and seasonal color. You'll learn to dye a full spectrum of summer hues mapped from local plants. You'll create your own seasonal color palette, learn simple surface design techniques, and dye a a very special project from an array of colors sourced from our very own city!


Canning Intensive: Summer

A combination of hands-on cooking and demonstration. Participants will take home a copy of Shakirah's preserving guide and jars of all in-class concoctions.



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