Wants a kitchen full of jars, jams, and homemade cheese.

Peruvian Street Food


A hands-on cooking class culminating in dinner served with wine and beer.

Since the time of the Spanish Viceroyalty in the 1600’s, vendors have been preparing and selling food all over the streets of Lima. The wide range of unique roadside offerings -- colorful fruit drinks, fire-grilled smoky kebobs, creamy salads, savory meat sandwiches, and sweet delicacies -- represent the cultural diversity present in Peru.

Intro to Fermentation


The art of fermentation preserves and enhances foods and flavors of the season. Learn to create ferments that deliciously support health, gently cleansing and nourishing you and supporting your body. 

In introductory class, you will become familiar with the basic techniques that will help you transform produce into nutritious, probiotic foods, with a focus on seasonality and letting nothing go to waste. We will make use of local produce to preserve lemons, create sauerkraut, and make fermented salsa and pesto.

Intro to Pickling


Learn to preserve local, seasonal vegetables! The singular Shakirah Simley will cover the process, ingredients, technique and science of pickling. Every student will leave with jars of in-house concoctions. This course is equally suitable for the novice pickler or the more experienced. Hearty snacks, wine, and beer will be served.  

This class is a mix of hands-on and demonstration.


Cultured/Lacto-Fermented Pickles

Fresh-Pack/Quick Process Pickles

Refrigerator Pickle




Making Miso


Mariko is the founder of Aedan, a local company making traditional Japanese fermented foods; she joined the La Cocina food incubator program in 2012, and now sells at the Ferry Plaza farmers’ market.

Join Mariko for this course on the basics of making miso. You will leave with your very own 2-pounds of handcrafted miso, which will be fully mature after six months of aging at home. Miso soup with local vegetables and rice balls, beer, and wine will be served.



Community Can Jam: Tomatoes


The season of preserving is upon us! With ripe tomatoes bursting off the grocery shelves, it’s time to dust off that big canning pot and put up a batch of summery goodness to last through the winter. Preserving tomatoes is a hot and messy affair best managed with a little help from our friends. Our Community Can Jam is a new experiment - it’s not a class, exactly, though jam-master Shakirah Simley will be on hand to guide us through her recipe.

Buttermilk to Ghee


Start with fresh cream; ripen it into creme fraiche. Turn your creme fraiche into cultured butter and real buttermilk. Finally, turn your culutured butter into the purest, most luxurious food on Earth: ghee!


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