Wants a kitchen full of jars, jams, and homemade cheese.

Intro to Pickling


Learn to preserve local, seasonal vegetables! The singular Shakirah Simley will cover the process, ingredients, technique and science of pickling. Every student will leave with jars of in-house concoctions. This course is equally suitable for the novice pickler or the more experienced. Hearty snacks, wine, and beer will be served.  

Arranging Edible Flowers


Create your very own locally grown floral bouquet boasting edible stems like artichoke and rosemary! 

Lorena Cortez, the San Francisco based florist of Home Sweet Flowers will guide you through arranging a hand held bouquet and vase arrangement. She'll speak to her techniques for floral composition and will help you gain a greater understanding of the relationships between color, texture, and form. She'll then guide you as you tap into your own intuition, curiosity, and creativity.

Mason jar (vase) provided.
Light snacks and drinks will be served. 


Cheesemaking: Fresh Feta


A hands-on cheesemaking course; each participant leaves with his/her freshly made cheese. Includes a cheese tasting of cheese alongside an array of snacks.

Don't have a space to age cheeses but dying to make something old and stinky? This is the home cheesemaking path for you: feta. All you need in a jar and a pinch of space in the fridge. Learn the recipe from milk to finished cheese then play with brine and various marinades.

Cheesemaking: Fresh Ricotta


A hands-on cheesemaking class culminating in dinner served with wine and beer.

If you love fresh cheese but think you could never make it yourself, Kirstin Jackson is here to empower you! In this hands-on class, we’ll make three ricotta styles -- cow’s milk, whey (considered “true ricotta”), and sheep’s milk -- and prepare a few recipes that make the most of the unique flavor of each:

Winter greens with ricotta and pomegranate 

Lamb and herb ricotta meatballs

Community Can Jam: Marmalade


Marmalade season is upon us! The market shelves are overflowing with a plethora of exciting citrus, and we are ready to preserve it for the year ahead. And while we rather like the meticulous, meditative work - the chopping and juicing, slicing and simmering -for many folks it is hot messy work, best done is with a group of likeminded friends and managed by knowing, watchful eyes.

DIY Holidays: Still Life Embroidery


A hands-on workshop; dinner and wine will be served. 

This unique course stems off of Jennie's recent show, Instances in Keeping, in which she re-interpreted 18 Reasons instructor Shakirah’s Simley recipes into multimedia artworks as a meditation on preservation and memory. Now, Jennie is excited to teach us a similar process so that we can create our own artwork, a perfect handmade gift for your favorite winter holiday!

Join us as we closely observe beautiful seasonal produce and, with Jennie's help, translate our observations into drawings with thread!

Canning Intensive: Holiday Gifts


A 4-hour hands-on canning class. Food and wine will be served.

Get ready for the season and add to your larder, impress your folks and make hearts grow three sizes larger! Learn to preserve homemade gifts and spread some holiday cheer with Shakirah Simley. In this demo and hands-on class, students will tackle the following special, seasonal and truly stunning treats*:

Brandied Seckel Pears
Walnuts Preserved in Local Honey
Vanilla-Bourbon Caramel Sauce
Rangpur Lime Marmalade

DIY Holidays: Gingerbread House Workshop


Each ticket is good for one adult and up to 2 children

Bring a little old-school fun to your holiday this year by decorating a gingerbread house, complete with gumdrops and candy canes.  Local instructor extraordinaire, Michele Simons will show you tricks and secrets for making the edible palace of your dreams, and then it'll be time to have some fun and get creative! Dress to get messy.


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