Wants a kitchen full of jars, jams, and homemade cheese.

The Secrets of a Southern Baker


Come learn the secrets of a Southern baker! Lisa Donovan has overseen some of the finest pastry kitchens in the South - City House and Husk - and has created some of the most memorable desserts in Nashville. 


buttermilk biscuits (served with country ham, cheddar, butter, sorghum, pickles, beer, sweet iced tea)
the perfect pie dough (Lisa's secrets revealed!)
local fruit hand pies
The Infamous Husk Buttermilk Pie 

Intro to Pickling


Learn to preserve local, seasonal vegetables! The singular Shakirah Simley will cover the process, ingredients, technique and science of pickling. Every student will leave with jars of in-house concoctions. This course is equally suitable for the novice pickler or the more experienced. Hearty snacks, wine, and beer will be served.  

This class is a mix of hands-on and demonstration.


Fermentation II


The art of fermentation preserves and enhances foods and flavors of the season. Celebrate spring by learning to make cultured dairy and whey, beet kvass, fermented beets and turnips, spring kimchi and more. Suitable for experienced fermenters.


Cheesemaking for Kids


Hey Kids! What's cool? Cheese! What even cooler? Making your own! Join us for a splash course on home cheesemaking with the San Francisco Milk Maid (Louella Hill). In two fun-filled hours, you'll learn about chemistry and food history as you magically turn milk into curds and whey. While that recipe drains, you'll have a ball making braids and lassos out of just-stretched mozzarella. Head home with your very own cheese project to complete.


We will gear class towards kids aged 8 to 13. Parent accompaniment not required. Class size limited to 14 students.

Homemade Chèvre


A hands-on cooking class. Class includes a guided goat cheese tasting, recipes, cheesemaking basics and advanced techniques; each student will leave with their very own (heartshaped!) cheese.

Homemade Chocolate Truffles



Now is the time to indulge and to get messy doing it! This hands-on class with Jewel Zimmer will consist of a lesson in ganache, tempering chocolate, and garnishes. This will be an educational and creative experience, and each student will leave with one dozen custom truffles.


Jewel Zimmer is the founder and maker of {cocoa}.

Community Can Jam: Marmalade


Marmalade season is upon us! The market shelves are overflowing with a plethora of exciting citrus, and we are ready to preserve it for the year ahead. And while we rather like the meticulous, meditative work - the chopping and juicing, slicing and simmering -for many folks it is hot messy work, best done is with a group of likeminded friends and managed by knowing, watchful eyes.

Intro to Fermentation


The art of fermentation preserves and enhances foods and flavors of the season. Learn to create ferments that deliciously support health, gently cleansing and nourishing you and supporting your body. 

In introductory class, you will become familiar with the basic techniques that will help you transform produce into nutritious, probiotic foods, with a focus on seasonality and letting nothing go to waste. We will make use of local produce to preserve lemons, create sauerkraut, and make fermented salsa and pesto.

DiY Holidays: Homemade Gingerbread House


Each ticket is good for one adult and up to 2 children

Bring a little old-school fun to your holiday this year by decorating a gingerbread house, complete with gumdrops and candy canes.  Local instructor extraordinaire, Michele Simons will show you tricks and secrets for making the edible palace of your dreams, and then it'll be time to have some fun and get creative! Dress to get messy.


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