Loves hands-on explorations of new techniques and recipes. 

Homemade Bagels



A hands-on cooking class culminating in a meal (bagels, smoked salmon, cheese, bagel accoutrements, salad).

Nothing beats the flavor and aroma of hot-from-the-oven bagels, made with a fermented, wild yeast starter. Danny will teach you how to maintain your own starter culture and how to use it to make fabulous bagels that you can boil and bake at home! Each student will leave with the rising bagels they’ve made in class. We’ll also boil, bake, and eat previously formed bagels, sharing a light meal along our communal table.

Tunisian Street Food


In this hands-on course, Dena will show you how to make a few of her favorite Tunisian specialties, all of which she learned from her Tunisian grandparents. She’ll go over the basics of brik from the dough to the wrapping and deep frying, how to make a couple excellent salads, and harissa too!


Brik w/ choice of filling: Beef, Tuna, Spinach & Potato
Carrot Celeriac Salad
Spinach Salad w/ Fresh Herbs, Preserved Lemon, & Fried Capers
Almond Cigar—filled w/ Almond Paste & Orange Zest

Basic Knife Skills


This class includes our Knife Skills manual as well as our 30-page Cooking Fundamentals booklet and a coupon for 20% off an 18 Reasons class of your choosing. The vegetables cut in this class will be used to create our favorite Vietnamese Salad; beer and bread will also be served.

Lasagna by Hand


A 4-hour introductory course to homemade pasta, culminating in a dinner served with wine.

Making pasta from scratch is fun. And it is easier than you may think. Learn to make this crowd-pleasing favorite by hand!


Lasagna all'uovo con crescenza e pesto di pistacchi - Egg lasagna with crescenza and pistachio pesto

Lasagna classica alla bolognese - Fresh spinach lasagna with Bolognese meat sauce

Crespelle con ricotta e radicchio al profumo di rosmarino - Italian style crepes with radicchio, ricotta and rosemary

Pizza Primer


A 3-hour hands-on cooking class culminating in dinner served with wine and beer.

Expand your bread skills in this workshop by learning how to make one of our favorite foods: pizza. Expert Danny Paz Gabriner will take you on a step-by-step journey to demystify the art of making the perfect dough using a naturally fermented, wild-yeast sourdough starter. You’ll learn every step of the process, from mixing, balling, stretching, shaping, to baking the final product: a crust boasting a deliciously light, crisp bite with serious flavor and chew.

Big Food on a Small Budget: Stretching the Spatchcock


This class is a mix of hands-on cooking and demonstration; wine and beer will be served.

When you have a small budget for both money and time, you can still create food that is big on both flavor and nutrition. Michelle is ready to show you how!


spatchcock chicken
baked chicken + rice, dukkah, herbs
chicken + chickpea curry, fresh turmeric, homemade flatbread
kombu, chicken + ginger broth, local greens, shaved roots


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