Loves hands-on explorations of new techniques and recipes. 

Flavors of India: Tea Time Snacks


We are having an Indian tea party!

In this hands-on cooking class, Simran and Stacie will teach you how to make a variety of sweet and savory Indian snacks from samosas to fritters, dippings sauces and, of course, spiced chai. Along the way we’ll cover the basics of sourcing and using Indian spices and other pantry staples, as well as tricks and techniques for simplifying these classic treats. Class will culminate in a tasting of dishes made in class (=tea party!).


Flavors of India: Everyday Gujarati - SOLD OUT


Join Simran and Stacie for an introduction to Gujarati cuisine of Western India. We’ll cook a quartet of spiced vegetarian dishes that are wonderfully healthful and easy to cook, making them a wonderful addition to your everyday cooking repertoire. We’ll also make a simple roti, and several side dishes to complement the meal we will enjoy together at the end of class. Along the way we’ll cover Indian spices and pantry basics as well as core techniques that will help you take your Indian cooking to the next level!


Flavors of the Basque Country: Pintxos - SOLD OUT


A hands-on cooking class, culiminating in dinner served with Spanish wine.

The Basques pride themselves as a people independent from the rest of Spain. They are also proud to have the city with the highest amount of Michelin stars per capita; food is an obsession for the Basques. In Basque cities, stopping at a bar for some pintxos is a daily routine, which happens at specific times of the day. People crowd into the streets as the bars overflow with guests enjoying small bites and some young txakoli.

Flavors of Valencia: Seafood Paella - SOLD OUT


A hands-on cooking class, culiminating in dinner served with Spanish wine.

Paella has become a national Spanish dish, although it truly is a regional one, stemming from Valencia, the rice growing region on the south Mediterranean coast of Spain. There are as many recipes for paella as there are chefs who make it. The most fervent Valencians claim that none of the outsiders’ interpretations could ever be authentic.

Fast, Fresh, Vegetarian - SOLD OUT


A 2-hour demonstration; both food and wine will be served.

A delicious, wholesome vegetarian dinner will be yours in under an hour after this demonstration class. We will celebrate the bounty of summer with dishes like baby lettuces, haricot vert, French feta, shaved radish, mixed herbs + local eggs; farro with mixed cucumber, white nectarine, toasted Ennis hazelnut, sherry vinaigrette; roasted figs with local honey, mascarpone, cracked Tellicherry pepper.


Flavors of Azerbaijan: Summer


A hands-on cooking class culminating in dinner served with wine.


Armenian Cucumbers in Sour Cream, Fried Capers, Shaved Onion, Dill
Grilled Pork, Azerbaijani Spice Blend
Ikra (Eggplant, Pepper + Tomato Salad)
Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves
Fresh Bean Salad
served with Lavash, Olive, Feta, Pickled Chiles, Herbs + Alliums
Pistachio Halvah, Summer Fruit, Black Tea



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