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Crazy Rich Asians: Sweets for the Holidays


A hands-on class culminating in a lunch with wine.

Though the first installation of Crazy Rich Asians created movie buzz last year, we patiently await the movie's sequel with a little bit of fun inspired by the books' copious mentions of food. To inspire fun additions to the upcoming celebration season, Linda's put together some notable sweets from Crazy Rich Asians. You'll work in teams to fill the dining table with sweets; Linda will make a vegetarian Mee Siam to balance out the meal. 


Kuih Talam - Steamed Pandan Rice Cake with Creamy Coconut

Baking for Fido: Treats for Dogs


A hands-on baking class with a light meal and a glass of wine.

Calling all dog lovers! Our resident baking instructor and proud mama of a pup, Jennifer, will guide you through some homemade treats to pamper the dogs in your life. You'll work in groups to mix and bake the treats. Jennifer will share tips on using different ingredients at home to make your own signature biscuit. We'll make a snack for you all, too, so you can eat and chat with fellow puppy parents while the treats bake. The cooled biscuits will be divided and sent home in a doggy bag!

The Italian Way with Vegetables: Fall and Winter Squash


A hands-on cooking class culminating in a dinner served with wine and beer.

Italians love to celebrate seasonal, truly fleeting produce. They have a knack for making simple feel special, and they know how to transform a small basket of vegetables into a feast for a crowd. Viola Buitoni will inspire us with her approach to the gems of autumn: squash. 


Zucca al forno con crumble salato di amaretti—Savory squash and amaretti crumble


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