Loves hands-on explorations of new techniques and recipes. 

Great British Bake Off


 hands-on baking class. Class is limited to 12 students. Alongside the tasting of baked goods, a seasonal salad, cheeses, and locally baked bread will be served with wine and beer. Bring a sealable container to bring home leftover slices of the baked goods.




A hands-on cooking class culminating in a meal served with wine and beer.

Ahhh, bagels. A staple of the breakfast table, bagels also incite discussions on who makes the best ones. Learn how to make your own fresh bagels with Jennifer Altman: how to make the dough, form it into bagels, boil them, bake them, and eat them! Jennifer will also share some recipes behind a variety of delectable schmears.


Three styles of bagels: Montreal-style, cinnamon-raisin, 100% whole grain bagels



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