Loves hands-on explorations of new techniques and recipes. 

The Spanish Way with Vegetables: Spring


A hands-on cooking class culminating in lunch served with wine and beer.

In the past, Camila has always focused on vegetable-forward menus in her Spanish and Mediterranean workshops. This time, Camila will offer us a menu specially designed to work with the vegetables of our northern California bounty, in the Spanish style. Spring, moreover, is Camila's favorite season for a menu like this one (artichokes! peas!). Join us in this hands-on workshop to learn and enjoy colorful, Spanish recipes traditional and modern.

Knife Skills 201


A hands-on class culminating in dinner served with wine and beer. This course is limited to 10 students.


Join 18 Reasons' Chef and Culinary Instructor Mike Weller for a class on more advanced knife skills. Students should already have a basic understanding of knife use, care, and safety; participation in our Basic Knife Skills course is encouraged but not required before taking this class. 

Spring Soups


A hands-on cooking class culminating in a dinner served with wine and beer.

Spring approaches and the days lengthen, pulling us away from winter roasts and braises and toward simpler preparations that highlight the freshness of new produce. When made in large batches, soups can feed you for days, so you can spend more of your free time outdoors in the sun!  Celebrate the season and its bounty with Mike Weller and with soups that come together quickly, but are impressive enough to entertain friends and family. 




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