Loves hands-on explorations of new techniques and recipes. 

Parisian Pique-Nique


A hands-on cooking class culminating in dinner served with wine.

The quintessential Parisian picnic (or pique-nique as the French pronounce it) must include wine and a baguette - no respectable French meal is served without!   

Flavors of China: Sichuan


A hands-on cooking class culminating in a family-style diner served with wine and beer.

While Sichuan food in America is typically associated with fiery and numbing, there are other flavors in the cuisine - sour, sweet, flowery, fish fragrant, strange, smoky, and with lots of fermented bean, and pickled vegetables......  It's no wonder, there's a Chinese idiom on Sichuan food: "100 dishes 100 flavors." 



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