Loves hands-on explorations of new techniques and recipes. 

Chinese Dumplings, Part I


A hands-on cooking class culminating in dinner served with wine and beer.

Highlighting the rice and tapioca starch wrappers of more temperate regions in China and Taiwan, this class will cover special dumplings with distinct colors and flavors. From the famous, translucent shrimp dumplings of yum cha to celebratory Qing Ming bites wrapped in citrus leaves to a jade-green mugwort dough, this trio of dumplings reveal diverse, delicious traditions.

Assorted Zongzi

Brines, Cures, and Marinades


A hands-on class culminating in dinner served with wine and beer.

Ever wonder what makes that cafe's pork chop so juicy?  Or how sushi chefs make magic out of raw fish? Brines, cures and marinades, that's how!  

In this course, Peter Temkin will share simple and satisfying techniques that will elevate any home dish into restaurant quality cuisine.


Chinese Take-out at Home


A 3 1/2-hour cooking class culminating in dinner served with wine and beer.

We understand how good it sometimes feels to dip into a white paper container of fried rice from the local take-out Chinese joint - on the couch, in that favorite pair of sweats. It is easy and satisfying, and it is a meal that lends itself as tomorrow's cold, savory breakfast bowl. 

Dinner Discussion: Frog Hollow Farm & Fall Fruit



A group discussion and three course dinner, served with wine and beer.

Alfred Courchesne -- or as most know him, Farmer Al -- began farming in 1976. Inspiration hit him as a social studies teacher, in Hawaii; in discussing many global issues with his students, he realized that growing food was a way of addressing many global issues while making a living and connecting to nature. Al transitioned to organic farming in 1988.


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