Loves hands-on explorations of new techniques and recipes. 

Flavors of Vietnam


A four hour hands-on class culminating in dinner served with wine and beer.

In this hands-on class, Linda Tay Esposito will lead you through selected dishes from various parts of Vietnam. Whether or not you've eaten Rice Paper Salad, a Saigon street food favorite, or Hanoi's famous Turmeric Fish with Dill, you'll walk away with the tools and experience to create these meals at home (not to mention a full belly!).


Flavors of Spain: Barcelona


A hands-on cooking class culminating in lunch served with wine.

Although tapas technically don't come from Barcelona (where Catalans are said to enjoy more formal, sit-down meals), the social experience of sharing and eating is definitely practiced there, which is what tapas is all about! In this hands-on class, Camila, who lived in Barcelona for 15 years, will share with us some typical and seasonal Catalan techniques and recipes meant to be shared and enjoyed leisurely. 

Polish Comfort Food

Polish food has a reputation of being heavy and meat-laden, or only about pierogies. In this hands-on cooking class, Monika Walecka will introduce you to dishes that real Polish mothers cook for their families. You'll not only make pierogies, but a variety of dumplings that can be cooked for an weeknight meal. Monika will also demonstrate making farmer's cheese and cultured butter, two key ingredients for these recipes.  

Flavors of Thailand


A 4-hour hands-on cooking class culminating in dinner served with wine and beer.

Thailand boasts one of the most exciting and nuanced cuisines in the world. In this hands-on class, Linda Esposito will walk you through the basics of preparing a perfect Thai curry and other delicious dishes!

Salmon Fish Cakes with Pineapple-Cucumber Ajat
Crab Curry
Eggplant Fried with Thai Basil
Olives & Shrimp Paste Fried Rice
Thai Bubble Tea




A hands-on cooking class culminating in dinner served with wine.

Gnocchi, the word for dumplings, are ubiquitous in Italian cuisine: some types are linked to their territory of origin, others showcase the season, while others yet humbly serve as a vehicle to recycle bits of this and bites of that leftover from previous meals. In this hands-on primer, Viola will lead the class through an exploration of the classic potato gnocchi as well as specialty gnocchi, featuring regional cheese.



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