Loves hands-on explorations of new techniques and recipes. 

Teen Culinary Immersion 2017


18 Reasons invites aspiring young cooks – ages 13-18 – to join our teen culinary immersion program, where they will advance their technical skills and their cooking repertoire. Led by our amazing team of instructors, our eight-week course is structured to give students the knowledge to confidently intuit their way through the kitchen and find meaning and value in the ingredients they work with.

Pop-Up Dinner: Best of Summer Food & Wine with Chef Michaela Rahorst


A three-course dinner paired with wine

From corn on the cob to fresh juicy peaches, who can resist a great summer meal? The sun seems like it will never set and rosé seems like it will flow forever. We could end every day with tomato or watermelon juices flowing down our chins, a touch of afternoon sunburn on our shoulders defying San Francisco's famous evening fog. Join us in celebrating our favorite summer food and wine - just because it's here!



little gem panzanella salad with tomato, blistered green beans, basil


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