Loves to sip, taste, swirl, and keep tasting notes. Cheers!

Tasting Seminar: Artisanal Ciders


Join us for an exploration (and many tastes) of everything the apple can do when fermented! We'll explore all the modern world of cider has to offer: the earthy, off-dry ciders of Normandy; the bracing still ciders of Basque Country and Asturias; the tannic, rustic ciders of West Country England; the modern American ciders featuring non-apple ingredients; and the clean American "orchard" ciders that represent pure expressions of forgotten heirloom apple varieties. 

Tasting Seminar: American Beer and Cheese Pairing


When most people think about what to pair with cheese their mind usually jumps to wine. Yet beer has an amazing ability to pair with cheese just the same! And now that both American craft beer and artisanal cheese are thriving, there are so many fabulous, stateside options available and able to provide matches made in heaven! In this tasting seminar, Eric Miller will lead us on an exploration of what makes beer such a perfect pairing pal for cheese; we'll taste our way around the country through some of America's best producers.


Sake 101


If you’ve ever wanted to learn the differences between a nama, junmai, and ginjo, now is your chance! Join John Lee

Yes Way Rose


This two hour tasting and discussion, led by Vinny Eng, will explore a selection of thirst quenching, pink and orange wines. We'll taste for qualities like salinity and explore the breadth of textures wines can express. 


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