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Wine Appreciation: Palate Development With Oliver McCrum, Part I


Novice and wine experts alike, take your wine knowledge to the next level with this two-part course taught by wine importer and expert Oliver McCrum. By looking at wine from a structural standpoint and learning how acid, tannin, sweetness, and alcohol interplay in wine, we will begin to better understand our own palates and the components that make each wine unique. At the second class we will learn how to identify flaws in wine and learn that some flaws are acceptable and even welcome up to a certain threshold unique to each wine drinker.

Beer Workshop: Dark Beer


Not only is dark beer is delicious, but it's historically important and scientifically complex. Dark malts offer beer incredible depth and malt nuance, contributing caramels, Maillard flavors, bitterness, acidity, astringency, and affecting minerality. Oh, and did we mention they're delicious?

Bubbly on a Budget


Gone are the days when you had to spend a lot of money to get a decent bottle of bubbly. Today, there are fantastic pétillants, Proseccos, and others sparkling wines that are affordable and eminently drinkable. And, if nothing but Champagne will do, some grower producers are making delicious, modestly priced juice.

Led by Pamela Busch, this two hour tasting seminar will explore the best-value bottles of bubbly. Cheers!


Producer Dinner: Dirty & Rowdy


Imagine a Producer Dinner that boasts a table of family-style fried chicken, collards, cornbread, and skin and concrete egg fermented Sémillon. Does it make your stomach rumble and toes tingle? Then join 18 Reasons and Dirty + Rowdy Family Winery for this unique and unforgettable dinner!

MENU (served family style)

five-spiced sorghum pecans
bandage-wrapped cheddar

iceberg, local blue, shaved shallot
fried chicken
Anson Mills cornbread
baked Rancho Gordo beans, Benton's bacon
braised collard greens, chile oil

CANCELED - Tasting Seminar: Sherry


While more popular than ever, Sherry is still very much a mystical thing. This fortified wine ranges from a relatively light, perfect-as-an-aperitif “fino" to a viscous, sweet Pedro Ximenez -- with a whole of food friendliness in between. In this 2-hour tasting and seminar, you will taste six styles while exploring their history and production. You will leave understanding why Sherry -- a long-neglected wine -- is now suddenly cool.


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