Loves to sip, taste, swirl, and keep tasting notes. Cheers!

Wine 101

 If you've always had dreams of swirling a glass of Pinot in Burgundy while talking about its acidity, grow shy when handed the wine list at a restaurant, or just wonder what people mean when they say "fruit bomb" or "bold tannins," this Wine 101 tasting seminar is for you. In an approachable and lighthearted manner, It's Not You, It's Brie author, 18 Reasons cheesemaking teacher and wine expert Kirstin Jackson will break down the basics of wine culture and terminology for you with delicious wine examples.

Tasting Seminar: Bubbles and Cheese


In time for New Year's Eve and winter's rich cheeses, this class will teach you how to expertly pair the season's best cheeses with sparkling wine from around the world. It's Not You, It's Brie author, cheese and wine expert, and cheesemaking instructor Kirstin Jackson will lead you through a delicious and educational tasting of 4 wines and 8 cheeses to explore her favorite pairings and tried-and true combos.

Fall Wine Sale Preview (First Tasting)


It's that time of year! Bi-Rite Market's Fall Wine Sale is here.

Join us at 18 Reasons for the Sale Preview and taste over 20 bottles of Trac and Co.'s favorite wine! At this event, you will receive 20% off orders of 12 bottles or more; orders must be made night of the 18 Reasons tasting. In addition, if you purchase a case during the Preview, Bi-Rite will count your ticket fee toward the purchase total!

For tickets to the second tasting (7-8 pm), please click here.

California's Unsung Cheeses and Wines


With its trophy cabernets and castle wineries, Napa draws more tourists than Bi-Rite Creamery's lines on a summer’s day. Down a winding road (or two) is Sonoma and Marin - home to the legendary creameries that put our state on the dairy map. Past the shiny surfaces of these celebrated regions, bottles, and wheels, you’ll find a California that, while less glittery, is packed with gems that make wine and cheese geeks swoon.


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