Loves to sip, taste, swirl, and keep tasting notes. Cheers!

Tasting Seminar: Wine and Cheese 101


This is a live, interactive tasting seminar held online via Zoom. Ticket includes all wine and cheese, which you can pick up on Thursday 9/24 from 5:30-7 pm at 3674 18th St. San Francisco, CA 94110. The person picking up the wine and cheese must show ID to prove 21+ years of age.

Wine country brochures make it seem like cheese and wine are easy to pair, but if you’d ever had a pairing bomb, you know that the two can be a difficult duo. Don't worry, it's not you!

New Orleans Brunch (SOLD OUT)


This is a live, hands-on cooking class held online via Zoom. Class is limited to 12 students to create an interactive, dynamic experience. The Instructor will be assisted by a remote 18 Reasons staffer who will facilitate conversation during class and ensure all students are attended to. We will be recording the class and we hope to make the recording available to students after an editing process to protect the privacy of our students’ homes.

FREE ONLINE CHAT - Have a Beer with Chef Mike


Whatever version your week has become, Friday marks the end of the standard week of work. Come celebrate the beginning of the weekend with Chef Mike of 18 Reasons! 

Have a Beer with Chef Mike is an hour-long chat—a chance for you to ask a chef with decades of experience in the food industry any food question you have. For example:

What to do with odds and ends in your pantry or fridge? 

Wonder why Vindaloo is traditionally made with pork?

Want to bake bread, but the stores are all out of yeast?


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