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Dinner Discussion: Frog Hollow Farm & Fall Fruit



A group discussion and three course dinner, served with wine and beer.

Alfred Courchesne -- or as most know him, Farmer Al -- began farming in 1976. Inspiration hit him as a social studies teacher, in Hawaii; in discussing many global issues with his students, he realized that growing food was a way of addressing many global issues while making a living and connecting to nature. Al transitioned to organic farming in 1988.

Apple Strudel


As apple season hits its stride, come learn the magic of apfelstrudel. You'll find that coaxing properly made dough into a paper-thin sheet is surprisingly easy. You'll master working with this strong, silken dough and then practice rolling layers around a filling of fresh apples, raisins and nuts.

While your strudel bakes, we'll conduct an apple tasting to learn which varieties are best for cider, sauce, pie or simply enjoying out of hand.

Cooking with Salmon


A hands-on cooking class culminating in dinner served with wine and beer.

It's summertime, and there is no better season to celebrate one of our favorite foods: wild Alaskan salmon. While there are many reasons we love this fish, it's versatility is #1 (#2: it is supremely nutritious). Join Christopher Wang, commercial fisherman and chef, as he teaches you the basics of cooking with salmon.


smoked salmon mousse
salmon poke
slow-cooked salmon
smoked salmon and ricotta fritters

Simple Sauces


A 3 1/2-hour cooking class culminating in dinner served with wine and beer.

For too long, one of the most exciting aspects of cooking, sauce making, has frightened and confounded home cooks. With an emphasis on local ingredients and straightforward and healthy techniques, Peter Temkin will provide you with the tools and techniques for giving your dishes a special, soigné finish.



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