Tasting Seminars

Hone your palate

Sour Beer Tasting - SOLD OUT

Join Master Cicerone Rich Higgins for this fun and informative tasting and discover five different types of delicious, elegant, and invigorating sour beers.


18th Hour

Every Thursday, 6:00-10:00pm


Tasting Seminar: Rioja - SOLD OUT

Rioja is Spain’s most established wine region for good reason; there is not another wine growing area that offers as much value for wines that are as age worthy and complex. This class will discuss Rioja’s wine history, traditions and the current state of winemaking in this ever dynamic region with a tasting showing its diversity and magic. Participants will be led through a tasting of six wines.


Loving Old Vines: A Tasting of California's Heritage Wines

Vinny Eng has always loved chasing down wines that have heritage or lineage, and he has become increasingly interested in California producers and the exploration of 'sense of place' here in the Golden State. His passion has led to a list rich in curiosities and beautiful stories, and he is here to share it with you.

In this two hour tasting, we will celebrate the viticultural heritage of California and explore the origin stories of some of California's historic vineyards. We'll taste a line-up of wines made from fruit from older vineyards. 


Beer Workshop: Hops - SOLD OUT

Hops are flowers that add bitterness, flavor, aroma, and balance to beer. Just like wine grapes, hops are harvested once a year, and they taste different depending on the variety, where they're grown, and what the growing conditions were like. Join Master Cicerone Rich Higgins for a tasting workshop on the geography, flavor, and biology of hops from the perspectives of farmer, brewer, and chef.



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