Food & Farm Film Fest Presents: Tampopo

Saturday, April 18, 2015 7:00pm to 9:00pm
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3117 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
United States
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Tampopo (Juzo Itami, 1985)
Paired with: Shio-Koji Ramen from Aedan Fermented Foods

Tampopo is a classic surrealist food comedy set at a truck stop ramen shop. The heroine, Tampopo ("Dandelion") is a widow struggling to keep her ramen shop going. Two passing truck drivers take her under the wing and, through a series of subplots and antics, Tampopo learns the tricks, skills, and recipes she needs to make her ramen the best in the region. Truly a food classic and not to be missed!

We hope you will enjoy this sneak preview of the film, a short lesson on how to eat ramen:

The films continue throughout the weekend! Join us:

craftsman 112.jpgOpening Night Shorts Program!
Friday, April 17, 7pm

Take a journey with us through 18 short films guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and head for the kitchen. After the films, walk with us to Four Barrel Coffee to celebrate. Tickets: $30


Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 1.00.56 PM.pngInhabit (2014)
Saturday, April 18, 4pm

Inhabit is a feature length documentary introducing permaculture. The film is an introduction to a new way of being and a new way of relating to the Earth.  Tickets: $15


20121120_eastside_250x306_0.jpgEast Side Sushi (2015)
Saturday, April 18, 9:30pm
The story of an unlikely young Latina woman determined to become a sushi chef. Tickets: $15

Forgiving Earth 112.pngThe Forgiving Earth: Food Justice & Urban Agriculture (shorts program)
Sunday, April 19, 4pm

We are proud to present our third annual Food Justice & Urban Agriculture shorts program, focused on how food and farming can play a role in helping resilient communities heal from social, racial, and economic injustices.  Tickets: $15


Tso 112.pngThe Search for General Tso (2015)

Sunday, April 19, 7pm

Who was General Tso, and why are we eating his chicken? This mouthwateringly entertaining film travels the globe to unravel a captivating culinary mystery.   Tickets: $15


About the Food & Farm Film Fest:


San Francisco's one and only Food & Farm Film Fest offers a place for the food and art worlds of San Francisco to collide. We’re in this to have fun, as well as ask tough questions about our food system. The festival is a celebration of food and farming and film, as well as a challenge to our ideas about how we think about food and farms. All proceeds from the Fest benefit our Cooking Matters program.


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