Great British Bake Off for the Holidays

Friday, November 15, 2019 6:00pm to 10:00pm
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3674 18th St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
United States
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A hands-on baking class. Class is limited to 12 students. Alongside the tasting of baked goods, a seasonal salad, cheeses, veggies and dips will be served. Bring a sealable container to bring home leftover slices of the baked goods.

This class is for fans of that country across the sea that gifted the world one of the most addictive television series to grace our screens: The Great British Bake Off. As we watch the sweet, hard-working contestants stress over their ovens and feel pacified by landscape shots of the English countryside, those of us watching from our American couches drool and wonder, "What exactly do those things taste like and how can I make them?" Join Jennifer and delve into iconic British pastries and other recipes tackled by the contestants. You'll work together in teams to achieve these recipes (unfortunately, we don't have the budget for a celebrity panel of judges). At the end of the class, everyone will partake in a communal tasting of the goods with a savory hearty snack with wine. This particular edition of this class will feature festive treats for entertaining during the upcoming holiday season all the fruits and spices will make the room smell beautifully! You'll leave the class armed with hands-on experience, tested recipes, and the confidence to wow your friends and bring the best food to your next viewing party or holiday mixer!


Parmesan and Herb Holiday Tear and Share Bread - A spectacular bread filled with parmesan cheese, herbs and spices which is much easier to make than it looks. It's perfect for the center of your holiday table.

Coconut-Chocolate Snowballs - Little confections made with sweetened condensed milk, lots of desiccated coconut and filled with chocolate ganache.

Mary's Whole Orange Spice Cake -  A fresh, spiced orange cake made from whole oranges. 

Paul's Mince Pies - It's not the holidays without mincemeat (don't worry there's no meat in the recipe, only dried fruits and nuts). These little pies are baked in a sweet shortcrust pastry.

Mary's Christmas Mulled Wine - We all like a little tipple during the holidays.


Jennifer Altman began her culinary journey at age eight baking and cooking for her family and friends. After a career in science, she followed her passion and became a pastry chef. She is now a culinary instructor teaching both professional and amateur cooks nationally and internationally. She loves anything to do with food—cooking, gardening, recipe developing, teaching, and is particularly interested in food sustainability.

Photo by Gaby Dyson on Unsplash