Flavors of Morocco

Friday, October 7, 2016 6:00pm to 10:00pm
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3674 18th St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
United States
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A hands-on cooking class culminating in dinner served with wine.

Join Michelle McKenzie for an exploration of the alluring flavors of Moroccan cuisine. Inspired by the traditional foods she ate during her travels, she has created contemporary dishes that will show us how to employ those special spicy, savory, and sweet ingredients at home. 


marinated beets with orange flower water and shaved shallot
pan-roasted chicken with homemade harissa and couscous
crispy cauliflower with pine nuts, preserved lemon, and herbs
date cookies with local honey and almond flour (gf)
mint tea

Michelle McKenzie is 18 Reason’s Program Director and Chef. She has a knack for making simple food seem special and is full of amazing tips for making every meal memorable. Michelle’s food seems at once healthy and hedonistic, elegant and effortless, and always attainable. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in nutrition and a minor in biochemistry, giving her a deep understanding of food properties and their complex implications within the human body. She later graduated from The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, where she immersed herself in health-supportive cuisine prepared from whole, organic and seasonal foods. Since then, Michelle has worked at some of the best restaurants in the country and, most recently, spent five years directing NextCourse's Eat Ur Veggies program at Mission High School. Her cookbook Dandelion & Quince: Exploring the Wide World of Unusual Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs is available online and at a bookstore near you!