The Joy of Mindful Cooking: Summer - SOLD OUT

Monday, July 28, 2014 6:00pm to 9:00pm
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3674 18th St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
United States
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A 4-course dinner and interactive workshop.

When we bring mindfulness to our moments, we can ascertain what we are feeling and what we need. Mindful cooking is a way to rediscover one of the most pleasurable things we do as human beings. It also has the unexpected benefit of helping us tap into our body's natural wisdom and our hearts natural capacity for openness and gratitude. 

In this workshop and hands-on cooking class, we will explore the nourishing practice of mindful eating and cooking with a focus on fresh summer produce. You will get back to the basics and develop a greater appreciation for food while igniting your confidence and creativity in cooking. In acknowledgment of summer, we will focus on recipes that are lighter, using local flavors and ingredients. 


Refreshing lemonade

Summer tomato and cheese bakes

Baby greens and summer sauteed peach w/vinaigrette

Quinoa lentil cakes with sweetcorn relish and avocado coulis


Carley Hauck, MA is the founder of Intuitive Wellness where she works as an integrative life coach and wellness consultant with individuals and worksite organizations.  Carley teaches mindfulness as the first step in wellness and specializes in teaching and research on mindfulness as it relates to health and eating.  Carley has a long time meditation practice and is a graduate of Spirit Rocks Dedicated Practitioners Program.  She is a lead research consultant observing the link between mindfulness as it relates to stress reduction and weight loss.  Carley teaches on the subjects of Intuitive Eating, The Power of Habit, Food as Medicine, and Happiness at Stanford University.

Greg Lutes is the owner and chef of Kinfolk, a local gem specializing in homestyle cooking in SF.  He has cooked in top restaurants including Daniel in New York and Crush in Seattle.  He attended Kendall college in Chicago which brought him from cooking in a small tavern to working at Everest and specializing in seafood and good homestyle cooking.  Greg has a daily practice of yoga and meditation.  He finds his flow in the kitchen and nurturing the local San Francisco community with his delicious yet healthy dishes You can can visit Greg and his amazing cooking at Kinfolk.