Polenta: Sweet and Savory

Thursday, March 13, 2014 3:00pm to 6:00pm
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Polenta is beautiful, textured, versatile, nutritious, easy, and delicious. Its uses span from budget conscious, rustic meal for a large family to elegant offering at an intimate dinner party. The texture and fragrance of polenta can hold memories like no other food. It allows use and reuse in different forms and flavors. In short: this humble food is worth your time and attention.

In this 3-hour hands-on cooking class, Viola Buiotni will share her favorite techniques and recipes for polenta, both sweet and savory.

polenta gialla con maiale in umido (yellow polenta with braised pork sumo)
polenta bianca con seppie al nero alla Venezian (white polenta with Venetian style black squid sauce)
avanzi di polenta: al gorgonzola, al sugo rosso e in padella (polenta leftovers: with gorgonzola, in tomato sauce and in a skillet)
crostata di polenta e pere (polenta custard and pear tart) amor polenta (hazelnuts and polenta teacake)