Family Gingerbread Cookie Decorating

Saturday, December 9th • 11am-1:00pm

Make festive holiday memories with your kids as you roll, shape, bake, and decorate gingerbread cookies!

Basic Knife Skills

1/2, 1/8, 2/5, 2/27 • 6pm-9:00pm

Our most popular class! Learn the basics of knife use, care, and safety as you prep a variety of herbs and vegetables. 

Join us to Feed our Community and Fight Chronic Illness

18 Reasons is poised to triple our impact and expand medically prescribed food and cooking education in 2024 — but we need your help.

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Give the Gift of Home Cooking

Treat friends or family to a Community Dinner, Basic Knife Skills Class, Baking Workshop, Regional Cuisines class, and more!

18 Reasons is a nonprofit that increases food security through the power of home cooking

In our modern food environment, access to nutritious food is not enough. Food skills help people make informed choices about what to buy and how to make healthy meals - but are not always taught in homes or schools. 18 Reasons bridges this gap through hands-on classes that welcome community members of all skill levels and culinary heritages. Across our programming, we seek to create a joyful environment where everyone is welcome at our table.