Christina Christina was born in Mexico City, D.F. Then her parents moved back to their home country Nicaragua. She came to the US when she was 7. If you were to ask her which country she liked best, she wouldn't know because she remembers neither. She feels she was put in this path to share her knowledge about eating and staying healthy with the community. Shortly, after completing the cooking matters training, her 13year old son was diagnosed pre-diabetic. I knew then, she needed to make changes in her and her families lives. It was an eye opener that simple changes at home would make big impact in our lives. Her son is no longer pre-diabetic. Through Cooking Matters, you give back to the community as you enjoy yourself. You teach, cook and eat. Its the best way to built a stronger community. The teaching materials are simple and straight to the point. You have friendly, organized and motivated program staff that makes all this happen.


Here Christina elaboates on her work with the Cooking Matters program: 

Christina from 18 Reasons on Vimeo.